SpiceJet Cargo

SpiceJet Cargo, a division of SpiceJet airlines, offers safe, on-time and efficient air freight transportation across India backed by SpiceJet's state-of-the-art infrastructure and professional expertise.

SpiceJet Cargo offers the capability to ferry between 2 to 3.5 tons of cargo per flight with 264 scheduled daily flights, this amounts to a total capacity of approximately 300 tons on a daily basis. The cargo team is backed by years of experience, and is fully capable of providing professionally handled cargo and logistical services to all parts of India. SpiceJet Cargo is a nationwide Airport-top-Airport product with offices at major SpiceJet destinations such as Ahmedabad, Agartala, Bagdogra, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Madurai, Mumbai, Pune and Vizag.

The array of products and services offered by SpiceJet Cargo includes General Cargo Services that cater to all types of general cargo, the exceptions being Valuable Cargo and Goods classified under Dangerous Goods. The maximum acceptable dimensions for each package are L48''XB52''XH34'', with individual package weight not exceeding 100kgs.

You can book cargo directly at our offices across India, or through our authorized agents. Bookings should be made at least three hours prior to flight departure time, and are subject to availability of space. Direct bookings with SpiceJet Cargo will require payments to be made in cash. The following tables display information on office locations and respective contact numbers of SpiceJet cargo personnel.

Please refer to http://spicejet.smartkargo.com to Track your consignment.

SpiceJet Cargo Personnel Details
Name Designation Telephone No. E-mail ID
Mr. Manjiv Singh Advisor to the Chairman manjiv.singh@spicejet.com
Mr. Amit Srivastava VP - Cargo a.srivastava@spicejet.com
Mr. Chirag Chawla DGM – Special Projects 9868830083 chirag.chawla@spicejet.com
Mr. Rajesh Singh DGM - Cargo Operation 9819986630 rajesh.singh@spicejet.com
Mr. Sanjeev Sharma DGM - Cargo Sales 9871960685 sanjeev.sharma@spicejet.com
SpiceJet Cargo Regional Manager Details
Name Region Telephone no. E-Mail ID
Mr. Avdesh North 9811978935 avdesh.agarwal@spicejet.com
Mr. Mahin Harshavardhan Manager - Karnataka and Andhra 9900180978 harshavardhan.mahin@spicejet.com
Mr. K. Sivakumar Manager - Kerala and Tamilnadu 9962893992 k.sivakumar@spicejet.com
Mr. Somnath Ghosh East 09836106979 somnath.ghosh@spicejet.com
Station Mobile No. E-Mail ID
Agartala(IXA) 8794682834 cargo.ixa@cargo.spicejet.com;ixa.cgo@spicejet.com
Ahmedabad (AMD) 9099057163 cargo.amd@cargo.spicejet.com;amd.cgo@spicejet.com
Amritsar (ATQ) 9780076200 cargo.atq@cargo.spicejet.com;atq.cgo@spicejet.com
Bagdogra (IXB) 7699620848 cargo.ixb@cargo.spicejet.com;ixb.cgo@spicejet.com
Bangalore(BLR) 9591991182/9916010098 cargo.blr@cargo.spicejet.com;blr.cgo@spicejet.com
Chandigarh (IXC) 9780612145 cargo.ixc@cargo.spicejet.com;ixc.cgo@spicejet.com
Chennai (MAA) 04422345568/09176663573/09043015567 cargo.maa@cargo.spicejet.com;maa.cgo@spicejet.com
Coimbatore(CJB) 9566621115/8526597611 cargo.cjb@cargo.spicejet.com;cjb.cgo@spicejet.com
Delhi(DEL) 9971002787 cargo.del@cargo.spicejet.com;del.cgo@spicejet.com
Goa(GOI) 9673332703 cargo.goi@cargo.spicejet.com;goi.cgo@spicejet.com
Guwahati (GAU) 8876429757/9706041444 cargo.gau@cargo.spicejet.com;gau.cgo@spicejet.com
Hyderabad(HYD) 9642325558 cargo.hyd@cargo.spicejet.com;hyd.cgo@spicejet.com
Jabalpur (JLR) 9755020084 cargo.jlr@cargo.spicejet.com;jlr.cgo@spicejet.com
Jaipur (JAI) 9784429786/9672224777 cargo.jai@cargo.spicejet.com;jai.cgo@spicejet.com
Jammu(IXJ) 9596636664 cargo.ixj@cargo.spicejet.com;ixj.cgo@spicejet.com
Kochi(COK) 9895707593/9745002249 cargo.cok@cargo.spicejet.com;cok.cgo@spicejet.com
Kolkata(CCU) 9674720033 cargo.ccu@cargo.spicejet.com;ccu.cgo@spicejet.com
Madurai(IXM) 9442086186/9655833434/9789342630 cargo.ixm@cargo.spicejet.com;ixm.cgo@spicejet.com
Mangalore (IXE) 7204400002 cargo.ixe@cargo.spicejet.com;ixe.cgo@spicejet.com
Mumbai(BOM) 9920392941 cargo.bom@cargo.spicejet.com;bom.cgo@spicejet.com
PortBlair (IXZ) 9933246199/9933247979 cargo.ixz@cargo.spicejet.com;ixz.cgo@spicejet.com
Pune (PNQ) 9021845625 cargo.pnq@cargo.spicejet.com;pnq.cgo@spicejet.com
Srinagar (SXR) 9697002107 cargo.sxr@cargo.spicejet.com;sxr.cgo@spicejet.com
Varanasi (VNS) 5422622254 cargo.vns@cargo.spicejet.com;vns.cgo@spicejet.com
Vishakhapatnam (VTZ) 8143256999 cargo.vtz@cargo.spicejet.com;vtz.cgo@spicejet.com
Station Mobile No.
Colombo (CMB) 94777269278
Dubai (DXB) 97142993177
Kabul (KBL) 93799484848
Kathmandu (KTM) 977012297072
Male (MLE) 9607771421
Muscat (MCT) 96899341634