Spice Value Pack FAQs

    What is Spice Value Pack?

    Spice Value pack is a bundling of instant discount vouchers which you can purchase to save on your immediate and future travel needs.

    These vouchers can be used for booking flights, any add-on services (meals, seat selection, excess baggage, spiceMax, priority check-in) and also for your hotels stay.

    What are the benefits of buying Spice Value Pack?

    The vouchers offer 4 times the value of the pack that can be used to get instant discount.

    For example, on buying a Spice Value pack worth Rs. 499 you can use Rs. 700 worth of vouchers (1st flight voucher + 1st add on voucher) for your immediate flight. You get an instant discount of Rs. 200 on your booking. This will leave you with another Rs.3300 vouchers for the next booking flight and hotel.

    What do I need to know before buying the Spice Value pack?

    You can maximize the benefits you derive out of the Spice Value pack. However, here are a few points you should know before using these vouchers:

    • The flight & add-on voucher can be used only by the person whose name features on the voucher purchased.
    • Flight and add-on vouchers can be clubbed in a single transaction.
    • No two flight or add-on vouchers can be clubbed in a single transaction.
    • All vouchers are valid for a period of 12 months from the date creation.
    • The voucher code of each voucher is unique and it can only be used once per booking.
    • In case of a cancellation of booking, the value of the discount voucher is non-refundable and cannot be used to make a new booking.

    How do I use flight and add-on vouchers?

    • Select your destination and add-ons. On the payment page, enter code in the voucher field.
    • The amount of the voucher will be deducted from the total price.
    • Please note that the discount voucher code can be used for online bookings at www.spicejet.com only.

    How do I use the hotel voucher?

    The hotel voucher can be used to book any hotel rooms listed at www.spicejet.com and www.spicevacations.com

    Select your preferred hotel and apply the voucher code in the voucher field on the payment page.

    The amount of the voucher will be deducted from the total price.

    Hotel voucher can be used with or without the flight & add-on voucher.

    Please note that the discount voucher can be used only for online bookings at www.spicevacations.com

    Can I use these vouchers on sale or promo fare?

    The flight voucher and add-on voucher cannot be clubbed with any other alternative promo fare/ discounted fare/ promo code offered by SpiceJet.

    Are there any restrictions on these vouchers?

    To avoid misuse of the fight & add-on vouchers, the person on whose name the Value Pack is bought has to be on the traveler at the time of the booking.

    The hotel voucher also has a minimum booking amount restriction.

    Hotel Voucher Type Minimum Booking Amount
    INR 1000 INR 7500
    INR 2500 INR 15000

    What are the customer support details for the Value Pack?

    In case of any queries related to the Spice Value Pack, please e-mail to custrelations@spicejet.com or contact +91 9871803333.